Inaugural GA KB Sport Competition

GA KB SportThe situation looked bleak early in the week. A message went out saying that the American Kettlebell Alliance was cancelling the Atlanta competition scheduled for Saturday, November 14th. For many athletes, this was to be their first Kettlebell competition. Others had been to one, more or several, but regardless of experience, the news hurt. Many hours of sweat & training had gone into the anticipation of this event, and news of the cancellation bruised like a gut-aimed sucker punch.

With the help & hard work of several organizations & entities in the Atlanta area, the competition happened as scheduled, even if not as planned. In sport, as in life, the best circumstances happen when plans are ditched and we’re allowed to improvise our own ways & means. Saturday, November 14th was a clear & joyful example of this.

Back in September, Georgia Kettlebell Sport became an official group with the input & participation of a few local athletes. Some of us trained together, but all of us spoke & shared information, training tips & techniques, and motivation & encouragement. Led by Jenn Casey, of CrossFit Kennesaw, the group quickly grew & expanded to reach athletes outside of Georgia, making the organization regional in nature & scope.

In October, Jenn, with the help of CrossFit Sweetwater, brought Master of Sport, Brittany van Schravendijk to Georgia for a one day seminar. The growing interest of Kettlebell Sport in Georgia was becoming obvious & apparent. Under Brittany’s gracious guidance, everyone grew in technique & knowledge that day, and the role of GA KB Sport in our community became prominently established.

Which brings us back to November. Within hours of AKA’s cancellation announcement, Jenn quickly restructured & reformatted the competition to continue as scheduled, but now as Georgia Kettlebell Sport’s Inaugural Competition. With the generous support of CrossFit Kennesaw & CrossFit Sweetwater, local & veteran athletes were able to laurel & crown the achievements of their training.

GA KB Sport First HeatIn the first heat of the morning, our youngest competitor Ethan (far left) Snatched his way to a competition PR, while the author (center) and Jason (right) competed in the Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk) event.
All three were first-time competitors.

GA KB Sport Lisa & JohnIn the second heat, Lisa (right), co-founder of GA KB Sport, launched an impressive & inspiring set of Single Arm Long Cycle, while John (left) solidly & steadily worked through the Double Arm Long Cycle.

GA KB Sport Jenn & JoshIn the third & final heat, Jenn (right) fired through a blistering set of Single Arm Long Cycle (after judging the first heat and pulling together the logistics of this competition), while Josh (left) set a competition PR with 44 reps of Long Cycle with twin 32 kgs.

GA KB Sport GroupAll of the competitors sporting genuine smiles after months of work and a final week of quick reorganization.
Front Row L-R: John, Ethan, Josh
Middle Row L-R: Lee, Jason
Top Row L-R: Lisa, Jenn

Additional special thanks goes to Jerry, of CrossFit Kennesaw, and Geoff, of CrossFit Sweetwater, for always opening their doors & offering their assistance to the still budding Georgia Kettlebell Sport organization. None of this could happen without the two of them and their generosity.

If you are interested in learning more about Kettlebell Sport, please visit & join our Georgia Kettlebell Sport page on Facebook. Feel free to send us a message, leave a wall post, or leave a comment in the comments section below. We are interested in meeting you and inviting you to train with us for any number of upcoming competitions coming to Georgia, or anywhere around the world.

Semper Fortis


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