A Strong & Healthy Thanksgiving

Turkey IronA happy sailor is a complaining sailor . . . or something like that is how the saying goes. Here we Swing & Clean on the eve of Thanksgiving, and not a peep or sound from the Happy Sailor inside, if he’s even around.

Health & Strength always seem to be odd topics to give thanks for . . . not that we shouldn’t be thankful, but since both exist on a sliding scale, sometimes the best we can do is be thankful that we’re feeling better or that we’re getting stronger. The alternatives . . . . brrrrrr, shiver me timbers!

Time with family & loved ones is where it’s at. We could even make the argument that our Health & Strength allows us more time to spend with them . . . but since Quantity of Life remains the great & mysterious unknown, we can say with greater certainty that Health & Strength allows us better time spent with family & loved ones.

The key is to remember that Prioritizing Your Health is Not Selfish. Maybe one of the most meaningful outtakes from that article is:

It is much more convenient for me to exercise at home. I don’t need to commute anywhere to perform pushups in the driveway or lift weights in the garage. I can exercise in front of my kids, with my kids, or even when they are sleeping. I can always make time for exercise without interfering with my parental duties.

However & wherever you get your daily fix, make sure you get it. Lots of calories will be ambushing & assaulting us over the next few days . . . and if we want even more to be thankful for in the expanding & increasing years, let’s all hoist a Kettlebell in toast to our Health & Strength.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Semper Fortis


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