Lift Thanks, Build Muscle

anchorI’ve got a huge cup of murk, flowing steam off the top. It’s supposed to wake me up, but I’ve been up since trying to go to sleep last night. Cluttered Brain Syndrome. Maybe. Anticipation of the holidays . . . wait, today is one, Thanksgiving! Thankful to be here, thankful for you, thankful to have friends & family I wanna see, thankful to wanna lift weights, thankful for the mental salvation they provide, thankful to have so many things to be thankful for & about.

I’m thankful for writing, that’s a big one for me. Writing, scribbling, editing, retracting, rewriting, it’s a bulk of my life & thoughts, and man, I am thankful to have it! Sometimes my funny comes out as dry, sometimes my serious comes out as abstract, sometimes my praise flows like diarrhea, and sometimes my vents fart like unshakable constipation.

Training follows the same patterns, so I’m sure it’s just me & my rut-stuck approach. Do you ever feel like that? Even our different feels remarkably & underwhelmingly similar? Well, there’s always another December 31st lurking right around the corner. We can sacrifice all we hate about our days & ways to the gods of champagne & midnight countdowns.

Still, that’s a long ways away. That’s a lot to carry, and with thoughts being magnetic, we’re likely & bound to attract a lot of additional unwelcomeness.

Writing works, it helps relieve the pressure inside my head, and sometimes it helps to see how absurd my vents & complaints really are. Am I really that whiny? No wonder I get sick of me sometimes, I’m a veritable drama queen!

Training offers similar relief. Pick something up, focus really hard on not dropping it on my head, my foot, see if I can do it again, maybe with better form. Enhance the tension in my body to release the tension in my mind. Check me out, sounding like the voice of guided meditation. Yikes! Pick exercises to make a routine, shift into autopilot, stop talking to myself . . . I’m annoying me. I really should write all this down. Better on a page than filling my head with my self-inebriated brand of nonsense.

That’s all it takes. Thanksgiving Day Training involves a handful of pushups whenever I get up or return to my writing chair, a double fistful of Kettlebell Swings when I pass the door to the garage. Never at once does it sound like much, but over the course of the day, by the time all my calories have been consumed & partially burped, the tallies are in the hundreds. Slow & steady. Easy as we please-y.

Friends & family are the icing on the cake I’ll indulge without guilt, without remorse. Writing & Weights are a good way to retreat & regroup, but without loved ones & ones to love, all of this is meaningless & unworthwhile.

From all of me to all of you, a true & happy Thanksgiving!

Semper Fortis,


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