Blackout Friday 2015

LeeCrase_Logo_CamoAfter my first competition, I promised myself I would get a coach. That is still to happen, but in the meantime, I’m left to my own resources, which means getting creative on my Training days. Whatever I thought was working before didn’t quite work the way I hoped . . . and there’s no guarantee that what happened today will work, but as a potential lesson-learned, today’s Training schematic is certainly worth consideration.

  • Two 5-minutes sets of 2 @ 16kg Clean & Jerks (slow & steady pace)
    • each set followed by 3 minutes of deep breathing recovery
  • Two 2:30 sets of 2 @ 16kg Clean & Jerks (fast pace)
    • each set followed by 2:30 of deep breathing recovery
  • One 3-minute set of 2 @ 16kg Clean & Jerks (slow & steady pace)

16kg is my intended competition weight, and this feels like a good workout at competition weight. The pace marked “slow & steady” was 6 reps per minute, which was very manageable, and much closer to what my target should have been in my first competition . . . but, hey, we live & learn. My “fast pace” was 10 reps per minute. Again, very manageable for the shorter durations, and is my target reps/min competition set. I did learn in my first competition that I’m not yet conditioned for a fast pace, not for the whole 10 minutes, anyway.

Training & learning never stop. Good lessons can be taken from bad experiences. Not that my first competition was a bad experience, but I certainly could have made more of it had I listened more closely to those who had done this before. Nothing but 2 minute & under Training sets are not going to prepare me for my next comp, and going-for-broke right out of the gate isn’t going to get me across the finish line.

We live, we learn, we train.

Semper Fortis


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