Salvational Sunday

Daily ExorciseTraining on Sunday leaves me feeling refreshed & vaguely religious. Something about exercising to exorcise our demons for the week . . . sounds good, let’s go with that one.

Wake up, give Thanks, drink coffee, move Iron until the mind is still & calm. 

Once a month, or so, our Georgia Kettlebell Sport (GKS) group gets together at CrossFit Kennesaw to train together. Our experience levels range from first, or one-time competitors to established & accomplished veterans of the Sport & competitive scene. Wherever you find yourself on the sliding scale, training with others is a nice & welcome break from training alone.

Today we went through Warmup & Strength modules, focusing on technique and prepping our muscles for the onslaught of Cleans & Jerks and Snatches to come.

The final focus of our work was 3 four-minute sets . . . constructed & implemented towards our individual goals & current abilities. My three sets were simple weight progressions & time-under-the-bells:

  • Set 1- 4 mins of Long Cycle @ 12kg (focus on high rpms consistently through the entire 4 minutes)
    • Recover as long as necessary before next set (3 minutes worked for me)
  • Set 2- 4 mins of LC @ 16kg (competition weight . . . slightly slower reps per minute, maintain consistency through time)
    • Recover again (4 minutes this time)
  • Set 3- 4 mins of LC @ 18kg (slightly over comp weight . . . even slower rpm, all out sprint in the last minute)

If you are in or around Kennesaw, Marietta, North of Atlanta or will find yourself close by and want to get together for Kettlebell Sport Training, check out our page: Georgia Kettlebell Sport (GKS) and drop us a line. On nicer days with warmer temperatures (frequent & common in Georgia) some of us even train outside in the the many parks in the area . . . and you are certainly welcome to join at any time, not just on Sundays!

Semper Fortis


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