Post Workout Snack Time

KB RiverIf I were really hardcore, I’d roll out a few prepackaged tupperware containers with wholesome goodness prepared on Sunday. Since today found me lounging in the shade between two training cycles, I hit up my local Vitamin Shoppe for some post-workout goodies.

Journey back in time with me . . . not far, just an hour or so . . . and imagine a lively lunch break spent with a Kettlebell at the river. Nothing heavy, nothing burdensome or too quarrelsome to carry a ways . . . just a stress-reducing session of Kettlebell work alongside the serene flow of river.

  • 25 Swings R/L
  • 1 Bent Press R/L
  • 25 Jerks R/L
  • 1 Bent Press R/L
  • 15 Swings L/R
  • 1 Bent Press L/R
  • 15 Jerks L/R
  • 1 Bent Press

Our numbers are trivial . . . general guidance based on time, need & feel.

Now that we’re done, hunger strikes. Not the protesting kind . . . strike as a proactive verb, as in hunger strikes us.

Real food would truly be better, we know that, but we also know that sometimes we do flat-out fail to plan. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it . . . just grab something to eat, chow down & move along. Better to be a live sinner than a dead saint . . . and best to not go back to work hangry.

12-15 SnackThe pretty picture reveals a hodgepodge of decision making. Not much thought went into the Cave Man bar . . . I saw chicken & blueberries mixed and couldn’t give them my money fast enough. The Paleo tag didn’t scare me, I went for it anyway. Weighing in at $2.89, the chicken & blueberry concoction lived up to my expectation of flavor, but I doubt I’ll be buying many of these. They do work in a pinch, just to set the record straight. The label reported 18g of Protein . . . works for me.

Oh Yeah! Did I mention that I have a serious sweet tooth? Even with 28g of Protein it is likely to continue to keep me off magazine covers, but hey, oh well. Pretty decent flavor & lots of bar for $1.99. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Kill Cliff . . . you don’t really have to be into CrossFit to like this stuff. The company is Atlanta-local, but at $2.79 a can, you’d never know that they care about us other locals . . . still, I dole out my dollars & enjoy often. Always a good drink, so just watch around for 4-pack sales. Vitamin Shoppe has them often. QT carries them too, just in case you ever find yourself at the mercy of convenience store food to save you from utter & total starvation.

When it comes to diet & nutrition, we’d all like to do better . . . and we should strive to do so as often as we want & can. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, or sometimes we just forget, or in some cases, we just aren’t as concerned as people tell us we should be. Are we supposed to punish ourselves with hunger just because we don’t have the “right” food? No. Make the best choices you can with whatever resources you have available. Maybe we can be good 80% of the time, maybe less. Eating beats not-eating almost every single time. Eat . . . something . . . keep moving . . . and keep trying.

Lift well, move often & Semper Fortis


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