Kettlebell Decongestant

KB DecongestantSomeone mentioned that dropping it on my face would help with the sinus issues. Instead, I rattled my brain to think of an easier way, a less permanently disfiguring way, or even a more effective way.

As the rain fell, on this balmy eve of Christmas Eve, I opened my garage door, lined up a couple of Kettlebells and went to work. I was determined to breathe again . . . not just through one nostril, no that’s easy . . . two nostril breathing for this guy, s’il vous plaît.

My afternoon workout of a timed Snatch ladder had helped get me breathing into the evening, and served as a good & wholesome workout. Now that evening had fallen, I just needed a quick boost to get me breathing again. Begin the begin . . .

~ Play around with Swing/Snatch/Clean/Jerk combos
~ A few handfuls of heavy Snatches work wonders

That was it. Both nostrils firing on all cylinders. Less than 5 minutes, and no nasal inhalants or other pharmaceutical fallacies needed. I’m not sure how this method will work at 2am when I’m brutally awaken with a groggy desperation to breathe . . . sticking to Swings might be prudently beneficial . . . but it is nice to know that even when the weather & sinuses are glum, our Kettlebells are faithful chums.

Semper Fortis


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