What Do You Do With That?

Kettlebells seem to be showing up everywhere. Guys & gals in the park, lined up & down the river banks, on mountain tops, in gyms, CrossFit Boxes & meticulously outfitted garages . . . they are even featured in magazines. The last one isn’t new, far from it, but catching a cool write up about your preferred method of training is always cool, especially when you are frequently asked, regarding the Kettlebell, What do you do with that? 


The answers are varied, as some of us well know. But to someone new to the concept of a deceptively heavy little ball, knowing what to do with it, or how to get started can be intimidating. Having articles & summarized explanations can save us a lot of time . . . time we’d probably prefer to spend training. Being social helps, but being articulate & helpful when winded by the endless Swings of the mighty bell can make it difficult to be so.


What’s even more cool than an article about Kettlebells is that this article is in a free magazine . . . one you can pick up at your local Vitamin Shoppe when stocking up on vitamins or supplements. I’ve seen Muscle & Performance for sale on some magazine racks in bookstores, but if you’re going to shop at the Vitamin Shoppe anyway, pick up the freebie when offered.


All suggestions in this particular article come from Steve Cotter, who is a well-respected Kettlebell Athlete & Instructor in just about any circle out there. Having that kind of credibility behind the article goes a long way to newbies & veterans alike.

The suggested Kettlebell test might not be for everyone, but if you are fortunate enough to be someone to expose someone to the Training possibilities of the Kettlebell, it is a good place to start, maybe even a good first benchmark to encourage someone towards.

Always keep your eyes & ears open, inspiration & motivation can come from just about anywhere, in any form.

Semper Fortis


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