Perseverance & Persistence

KB BiathlonSome workouts are more strenuous than others, some are less stressful than most . . . it isn’t about balance, it’s about keeping our Strength, Musculature & Selves hungry for more. Sometimes we feed on the experience, other times we feed on the stress we serve ourselves. No matter which, it’s always about perseverance & persistence. We keep going even when we don’t feel like it so that the cumulative effect of our workouts, practices & days will carry us through the times we otherwise couldn’t.

Today’s workout:

  • Ready Movements
  • 5 Kettlebell Swings every 30 seconds for 5 full minutes . . . use your heaviest bell
    • Rest & Recover for 1 minute
  • Double Kettlebell Jerks for 3 minutes . . . go slightly heavier than your Competition weight with the bells, or, if you’re not preparing for a Comp, use what you consider medium weight bells
    • Rest & Recover for 2 minutes
  • 4 minutes of Snatches, only 1 hand-switch . . . again, a bell up from Comp weight, or a medium weight bell
    • Return & Re-rack your Bells . . . always & forever
  • Recovery Movements

Semper Fortis


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