They Say it Was a Good Day

And I have to agree. 2Pood Labs is offering the Roll Tide v.3.0 under a National Championship Flash Sale. So, Alabama beats formerly #1 Clemson in a helluva sweet game AND you can get these shorts on the cheap(er)? Yeah, sign me up!

Roll Tide v3So, if that wasn’t cool enough (which it was) I finished my self-styled Kettlebell workout today, and this little beauty was waiting for me in my mailbox . . . besides being something other than a bill from some company who can’t figure out how to go paperless in 2016, or junk mail from someone who clearly owns a lot of stock in a recycling company, quality Kettlebell lit like I anticipate this to be is hard to find . . . so we can chalk this up to another win.

Classical KB2Self-styled Kettlebell Workout for January 15th:

  • 6 minutes of Snatches, only one hand change allowed (preferably at the 3 minute mark), and at Competition weight
  • Rest, Recover, go look at paint samples, or something else domestically satisfying
  • 6 minutes of TALC, Comp weight
  • Recovery Movements

Semper Fortis


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