Unadulterated Grunt Work

What began as a morbid curiosity ended as a forward-leaning dry heave, thirteen & a half minutes later. Today’s party was thankfully not for the IKFF, otherwise I would have spent that time with a 20kg Kettlebell. Since this was about curiosity, a dark & sinister one, but a curiosity all the same, I had the luxury of test-driving this rabid puppy with a 16kg. “Luxury” is a pure subjective, especially when one’s subjectivity is sharing space with empty lungs.

IKFF Level 1I am ecstatic & excited to report that my numbers barely but definitively stumbled beyond the rep minimums, even if my first-attempt practice weight was slightly sub-par. The trick to today’s party is to NOT put the Kettlebell down under any circumstances. Anything else required relies less on magic and more on pure unadulterated grunt-work.

My curiosity began yesterday when I first heard mention of this test on a podcast interview with Steve Cotter. Yesterday found me not quite so bold, so yesterday’s workout/practice had more to do with hanging on to a sweet & single Kettlebell for 10 minutes, and keeping her singing. Swings, Cleans, Presses, Jerks, Snatches, Squats, anything went . . . just don’t put the KB down until 10 minutes has rolled by & beyond. Yesterday was easier than expected, today went the other direction . . . together, they make a nice couple.

A good & proper shout-out wouldn’t be complete without a respectful & grateful nod to today’s musical selection:

R.E.M._-_Chronic_Town“Suspicion yourself, suspicion yourself, don’t get caught” ~R.E.M.

Semper Fortis


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