Movement and Meditation

The ego gives birth to a limited mind and when we give attention to the limited mind we lead a limited life. Yet we are all born enlightened. At some point a need arises that is not met at first breath, and a hunger sets in. Duality, the yearning for something to fulfill us, begins.

Early morning seems to be my hub of “limited mind.” Once I roll out of & away from the bed, I can’t even tell you what I was thinking about, but something paralyzes me there every morning. Blaming the earliness of mornings might be the easy way out. Taking responsibility for staying up too late is probably closer to true.

Working out at 4 or 5am might be where it’s at, those times being closely bound with the natural pinnacle of testosterone production, but that practice is years removed from my experience. Maybe it’s time to venture back. Some of us do better with a schedule. I’m one of those people. There I go, being all mind-limiting & all.

Meditation seems to help, if I can get there . . . mindfully & physically. Some things work better than others. Sleeping through more of the dark hours helps most. Next up on my list is a 5 Minute Flow . . . sometimes longer, but never shorter. Whatever it is I do looks like some aborted attempt at a martial arts Kata.

It doesn’t matter how it looks to the outside world. Movements are ours, whole & complete. The limbs & muscles have been at rest, and need these movements to join in the waking world. Once the body begins to move, the mind begins to clear. It isn’t “now” that we’ve begun to meditate, our movement was & continues to be our meditation. We clear our minds by moving our bodies.

It’s a daily thing. It’s becoming a daily thing. It needs to be a daily thing. Otherwise we’re just ‘out there’ in the world, not safely asleep, but not truly awake . . . sort of a netherworld of consciousness & blank-stared awareness. That’s no way to live . . . wake up . . . move . . . focus . . . think . . . act.

Semper Fortis


One thought on “Movement and Meditation

  1. Heather says:

    Glad to see that meditation is taking a bigger part in your life. There is a beauty in getting in touch with the purely physical aspect of existence through movement and the two are synchronization nirvana.


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