Exploring Hot Yoga

SarahaIn my wanderings I have visited many sanctuaries, but none more holy than that of my body. ~Saraha

Today’s Workout
5 sets of:

  • 10 Kettlebell Swings (40kg)
  • 10 A-t-G Pause Squats (110lbs)
  • 1 Clean & Jerk L/R (40kg)

Then, later in the evening, my first excursion to Hot Yoga. If the point is to pose you through very difficult movements inside a sauna, the project succeeded. If the point is to help us release more energy & potential than we suspected our bodies had access to, the system goes above & beyond.

Understanding the practice may take me a while, but that’s fine. Sunday is just a few days away, and I’ll be practicing with a friend at Ember Yoga for further & eventual clarification. In theory and in practice, Strength & Flexibility are two sides of the same invaluable coin . . . a coin whose currency is accepted in any & every situation imaginable.

Semper Fortis


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