16.1 Ro v. Boz

It sounds like a landmark court case, something quoted with hushed reverence on Law & Order. Instead, it’s a live feed on Facebook, a testament as to how splendid & spectacular technology can be. We’ve come a long way from waiting for newspapers to print overnight & be distributed manually by morning.

Pat Ro & Boz

From certain distances & angles, the spectacle looks like Jack White vs. Tom Brady, but in the wide world of CrossFit, the Head Judge squaring off against the Lead Commentator seems like the last brick has been dismantled from the wall of class warfare. Social Libertarianism at its finest!

In case you missed the live feed, Boz killed it, plain & not-so-simply. 234 reps to Rory Mckernan’s 200 reps . . . still a solid day’s work for both men, indeed!

Oh, and the workout, as in, What exactly all this hooplah is about:


20-min. AMRAP (95lbsM/65lbsF):

  • 25-ft. overhead lunge
  • 8 burpees
  • 25-ft. overhead lunge
  • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Good luck & best wishes to you all & your 2016 Open experience!

Semper Fortis


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