16.1 Scaled & Modified

Most of us have seen the 16.1 workout by now, maybe even dry-heaved or threw up in our mouths over the thought of or actual execution of it. As Many Reps As Possible for 20 solid minutes is no joke. Twenty five feet of Overhead Lunges, followed by eight over the bar Burpees, and twenty five more feet of Overhead Lunges, crowned with eight chest-to-bar Pullups is enough to make the looniest of us quiver in nerve-wracked anticipation.

Bridgers 16-1Josh Bridges 16-1

I thought I had gotten off lucky. 1) I didn’t actually sign up for the Open, 2) I don’t technically CrossFit, 3) I don’t have ready enough access to a pull-up bar, not ready-enough to have my bumper-weights near.

None of those excuses could keep me from wanting to try my hand at some form of the workout, even if it did need to be modified to fit my capacity & what I had available.

Kettlebells . . . we are a kettlebell-centric bunch at CraseFit.

  • Bulldog (40kg) Kettlebell Swings were done in place of Chest-to-Bar Pullups.
  • The Overhead Walking Lunge weight dropped down to 75lbs on a bar for me.
  • The Burpees remained the same excruciating efforts in self-loathing.

My son & I powered through this workout, his scaled even further than mine, but suitably so for a 9 year old. He tallied up a much higher score than I did, so of course I had to remind him that technically, we weren’t competing against each other. That was kind of like saying, It’s only a game, because you never hear the winner say such non-sense. He kicked my butt somewhere in the vicinity of 130 to 85, or thereabout. Let’s be honest, he slaughtered me & I didn’t do enough to defend myself. Fair enough!

Our score being what it was, and excruciating enough to attain, I had to check on the Rx winners, as in the professional CrossFitters. No surprise that the overall winners of 16.1 were Josh Bridges (365) & Emily Bridgers (354), two athletes that always perform up to inspirational & motivational standards.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in 16.1, officially or unofficially!

Semper Fortis


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