Give Us this Day Our Daily Drink

Is it sacrilegious to say it that way? Maybe. What’s the saying, if it’s sacrilegious and it works, it isn’t sacrilegious? Mmmmm, I might have butchered that one . . . but hey, it works for our purposes.

So, anyone who has lived in this world of Fitness & Strength for any length of time has probably likewise ran the gamut of experiments with supplements. The author of this here post is no different. Like you, I’ve slowly discovered that the lion share is lying indeed and doesn’t work as reported. Snake Oil, anyone? It’s certainly a zoo around here, some days.

Then again, the most important thing to remember about supplements is that they are supplements, not substitutes. Whole, unprocessed, real food is always the way to go, and supplements, should enhance already healthy habits.

My current drink of choice is a nice supplement, and fits the description of whole, unprocessed & real . . . unless we count shaking the bottle as processed, which might be a truth, but not the entire one.

Step 1: pour 8 ounces of water into a cup or bottle . . .

Blender Bottle

Step 2: add two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar . . .

Bragg ACV

Step 3: Add one teaspoon of MCT oil . . . (brand optional)


Steps 4 & 5: Shake it up & drink it down.

One fell swoop works well for Step 5, but some people like to add Lemon or Lime juice to lessen the vinegar flavor.

Each ingredient has a range of intended benefits. My personal favorites are:

  1. A clean way to start my day
  2. Lots of useful energy . . . not the jittery kind
  3. Clear Headedness . . . whatever that means

The flavor reminds me of Long John Silvers, without the fish. Yes, the vinegar taste is strong, but not insurmountably so. All of the ingredients are clean and as natural as I can imagine, which makes this drink a win on any & all levels imaginable. Also, it is safe to drink any time of day, and having more than one throughout the day just prolongs & enhances the positive effects mentioned above & beyond. Give it a try & see if it supplements your ways, methods & daily enhancements.

Semper Fortis,


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