Felt Good to be a Gangster

The eternal riddle:
What comes first, our last gasp for air or our last set of dumbbell inclines?
~Dave Draper

Launched out of bed this morning, grabbed a light Kettlebell for a quick & breezy 4 minute round of Snatches, then knocked up 3 miles on my SMTB (Suburbanly Mountain Bike). Maybe I was excited about the sun rising, or perhaps I knew that I wouldn’t have time later today, but most likely, I just got lucky to wake up on my first attempt & roll into a pocket of useful energy. I’ll take that kind of luck any & every day, if offered or available!

KB Vitruvian ManThen, I succumbed to my work-a-daily chair position and found out that A) [My] CVS ExtraCare Card has just-been updated (cute, since I don’t have one), B) I am eligible to attend Nursing School Day or Night (no, just no), C) A good lawyer can help [me] win [my] case crasefit (clearly a lawyer lacking in editorial, proofreading, or capitalization skills).

Spam might be the most uselessly entertaining thing about e-mail anymore. How do these people find us?

Rest Days are curious creatures. We don’t want to take one, but when we do we don’t want it to end. It’s always easier to keep chugging & trudging along whatever path we set our bodies on. I’ve lost count, but I’m pretty sure that today was supposed to be a Rest Day . . . instead, it became an Active Recovery Day before the sun could even shine its accusing light on my tired & timid face.

Have you tried the 10 Minute Squat Challenge, yet? I managed 175 reps on my first attempt, and that was two days ago, and my first five minutes on my bike this morning made my still-weary legs sing the song of released agony. A bicycle, while being a handy mode of transportation, primarily serves as the number one method of Leg Day recovery. It also helps after a long run . . . and speaking of, registration for the 2016 Peachtree Road Race begins on March 15th.

Anyway, all rambling aside, do what you gotta do to stay fit & get Stronger, and don’t worry about when you have to do it, you’ll get that time back in the long run.

Semper Fortis


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