Sunrise Sessions

planet travelThe task is much more straightforward than simple: roll out of bed, do something nice for yourself to start your day. All that rushing around just to go sit in traffic, then on your rump at the office, is not a nice, productive, or effective way to get this day started. But ‘snooze’ feels sooooooo good! Right, that may be true, but we deserve better than that. Imagine explaining to star-dust that it is solely & uniquely traveling across the universe just for the honor & privilege of hitting a coveted snooze button . . . we might end up with lots of tired old stars & no one to look at & gaze in wonder at them.

Wake up the first time . . . it isn’t easy, and the first several times aren’t fun, but waking up early is like any other skill: it takes practice. The beginning of Spring is as good a time as any to start a new practice. Start tomorrow . . . starting life-changers on Monday is over-rated, and not scientifically guaranteed to work any better than any other day of the week.

Pick the right set . . . Do something hard enough to keep your curiosity piqued for the next few mornings, but not something so difficult that won’t survive this morning’s sunrise session.

Lay it out the night before . . . your running shoes & attire, your Kettlebell setup, or even your Barbell bumper & plate scheme, have whatever you choose ready so that you can begin as soon as you get your blood flowing with some Stretch, Flexibility or Flow movements.

Be consistent . . . that is the trick to everything. Showing up is great, but doing the work is what gives real & tangible value to showing up.

No one ever said this was going to be easy, but anyone who has been there will admit that it is worth it. Wake up & roll out!

Sample Session:

  • 10 KB Swings, EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) for 10 Minutes
  • Recover after each set with reverse grip pushups or reverse grip plank holds (If you are hitting your 10th Swing at the 15-20 second mark, get into & hold the plank for 15-20 seconds as well, or do 3-5 slow & easy pushups)

In 10 minutes you’ve completed 100 Kettlebell Swings, and quite possibly 30-50 Push-ups, or 2-3 minutes of Planks. Nice way to start any day.

Semper Fortis


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