Golden Slumbers of Spring

The shrill of pollen fills my head . . . I must say that this year is better than years past, thanks to the balloon-oscopy, nasal-thingy they did to relieve the chronic congestion. Now I’m just reduced to seasonal funk rather than the perpetual-ness of swollen polyps.

Today seemed slightly less severe than yesterday, so I dutifully took advantage of the good fortune offered, and carried my Kettlebells back into the yard. Nothing fancy, just a quick foray into the 20 minute realm.

EMOM- (yep, back with these) for 12 minutes, 12 Swings with the 40kg in the top 30 and recover in the bottom 30, producing a grand total of 144 Swings. 

Recover for 2 full minutes

EMOM- (it’s true love, it must be) for 6 minutes, 5R/5L Snatches with the 24kg in the top 30 and recover in the bottom 30, giving me the gift of 60 Snatches with the my Russian Red beauty. 

Speaking of . . . if you are in or near Kennesaw this weekend, particularly on Sunday, April 3rd, please consider joining Georgia Kettlebell Sport at Swift Cantrell Park for the 30 Minute Snatch for Natalia Fundraiser. Here is the official description, but if you’re interested, or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me ( with your cares & concerns, or requests for directions.

Many of us in the Kettlebell world are eager to do what we can to support Natalia Rudneva, wife of coach Sergey Rudnev, in her fight against cancer. There is a 30 minute snatch challenge fundraiser on her behalf (more details here:, and GKS is going to participate!

We are going to do our challenge on Sunday the 3rd (not Saturday as in the official event). We will meet at Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw, and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Bring a bell(s), some chalk, your shoes and come and join us! We will do a FB Live Feed for part of the event, if we can manage it, too. And please consider supporting the Rudnev family at this time, the PayPal link is on the main event, linked above.

Semper Fortis


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