Pay to Play

The heat of the sun chases me all the way down the hill. I cut left to slip around the back end of the circle, only to be outsmarted again. Trees ahead, I’d duck into the shade and teach my treacherous tormentor a mighty & bold disappearing act. This same shadow that looked so large & inviting turned out to be a small & urgent nudge back into the beat-down of the sun. Up & around a smaller hill, step off onto a dusty trail, and the forest graces me with shade.

Ranger Rows, Push-ups and Squats . . . all the makings of Murph modified, minus Memorial Day . . . make up mods. It all depends on what we have and what we can do with what we have. The heat of the sun is much more giving & generous than my skill at Pull-ups, so with Ranger Rows I go, with extra reps I’ll grow.

What do we hope to get out of our workouts? Immediate gratification? What’s given quickly can be taken easily. No, we crave something more nutritious than quick, easy, slick & sleazy. Protein bombs lit with creatine fuses. We chisel away at time with the intent of making something of our experience, something that lasts, something that endures, something that makes our contemporaries ask where we got those.

We’re talking about muscles, of course. Not the over-inflated, under-performing show-biz variety . . . no, we want the Show AND the Go. We’ll take one of each . . . Who do we make the check out to? After all, I ran down here from home . . . if I truly want to regroup & make something of myself, I still have to run back up the hill I came down . . . and now I’m given to understand that checks aren’t accepted. Not cash either. Sweat equity . . . work ethic . . . dedication . . . discipline . . . consistency . . . these are the only forms of payment encouraged.

At the end of the day we’re only one or two workouts closer to who we want to be & how we want to be seen. The alternative is daily & certain regression . . . which for us is no alternative at all. We don’t need, have or want a plan B. We give all we’ve got, and the rewards chase us down like a hot old summer sun.

Semper Fortis


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