Leg & Lung Taxing Labor

Smoke hung in the air like a silk curtain of the apocalypse. Somewhere up north, a fire burns nonsensically & out of control. Inside, we’re all toasty with ambition & gathered to focus on some good for an hour or so.

The good hurts, the good is humbling, but is indeed good. Week 4 of our 4 week microcycle, and if we ever fully recover, our capacity has been programmed to slice through whatever is in the air. Insider’s secret: We always recover.

After a warm-up targeting our coveted mid-lines, we stack plates for a buffet of Squats. Micro-communes of similarly skilled athletes cluster throughout the gym. Stack, grunt, Squat, cheer . . . it’s the easiest cycle of the day, even when the burden approaches, catches & surpasses body weight on the Front Squat.

Our bodies are now prepped for 20 minutes of leg & lung taxing labor. The enormous fan on the Assault Bike consumes our precious calories on the odd numbered minutes, and Deadlifts & Thrusters choke down buckets of our dwindling pride on the even minutes. 20 minutes of this leaves us in a daze, but like any phase, the daze is temporary. Recovery is inevitable, and is the best meal of the day.

Keep working, we’ll figure out where & when to rest later.


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