Don’t be the Donkey

There is a story about a donkey who stood halfway between a bucket of water and a pile of hay. When he looked toward the hay, he thought about being thirsty. When he turned to look at the water, he thought about being hungry. Eventually he fell dead from both thirst & starvation.

Do you ever feel like this donkey?

The story is a snippet of what it means to be paralyzed by success. We look at all the moving & necessary parts and feel overwhelmed by the totality of their enormity. How many journeys of a thousand miles have we missed because we failed to take that first single step?

~ Which step?
+ The first one. 
~ How do we know which step is first? 
+ Just start walking . . . if you need to adjust or redirect, both are easier if you’re already moving. 

CrossFit is sometimes the same way. We think about all the steps & movements we have to master . . . Overhead Squats, Deadlifts, Snatches, Muscle-ups, Ring Dips . . . the list seems endless, overwhelming & mostly out of reach. But, with good programming, the WOD is all we need to think about today. Today’s WOD is always a crucial & necessary step along the thousand mile journey.

Kettlebells can sometimes seem like another mystery to add to the confusion, but Kettlebells not only simplify our lives & workouts, they have the added benefit of what Pavel calls the WTH Effect. Work on putting weights overhead somehow improves your Bench . . . Swing well & often and your Deadlifts get better. Practice TGUs regularly and your ROM will soon humble a Yoga instructor.

The message is simple: Do something. If you’re not currently doing something, absolutely anything will work. The “everything” will take care of itself, but only once we start moving. Our donkey couldn’t decide between left & right, so he died. Yes, his decision was really that simple . . . left or right.

When we’re hungry or thirsty, it doesn’t matter which one we satisfy first, just as long as we do something. Once we start moving we can determine if drinking or eating works better first, but we need to have some experience behind us. Don’t bother with both when we have neither. Once we have & choose either, we’re well on our way.


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