From Resolution to Success

Resolutions are popular this time of year, and they also get a bad rap. Why? Is there anything wrong with having or making a resolution? Is there something inherently wrong with January 1st? Is Winter just a lousy time to make changes?

We all know the answer is “no” to all of the above. So what is it, what makes resolutions fail at notorious & uncomfortable rates?

Tony Robbins famously has something to say about all of this:

Success is the result of making small decisions: deciding to hold yourself to a higher standard, deciding to contribute, deciding to feed your mind rather than allowing the environment to control you– these small decisions create the life experience we call success.

Failure, more often than not, is the lack of follow up . . . particularly when it comes to a major life-changing decision, such as a New Year’s Resolution. It’s easy to decide while in the gluttony of the holiday season that come January 1st we’re going to change our lives. But, what about the choices we make on January 1st? 2nd? 24th?

Success isn’t linear, success in cumulative. Meaning: we don’t just decide once & for all that success is our birthright, we decide monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, sometimes minute to minute to make the best life we can for ourselves.

Success takes practice, lots of it. We don’t give up on chocolate cake because we made the decision on December 23rd not to do this to ourselves. We give up chocolate cake one opportunity at a time. Maybe you slip & indulge on January 19th . . . great, make the decision NOT to do that again on January 20th . . . 21st . . . etc.

Our habits don’t determine whether or not we are being good or being bad, our habits are just a snapshot of what we practice most often. So, ultimately, it is your habits and what you choose to practice most regularly that will determine whether or not you succeed with your goals & ambitions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or June 1st, you have all the power you need to be as successful as you want to be through the decisions you make. Decide, then act accordingly for a happy new year, a happy new you.



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