Mobility First

“Mobility is likely the most complicated element of fitness as it is a combination of joint range of motion and the motor abilities; agility, balance and coordination.” ~Kilgore, Hartman, Lascek, FIT

Mobility is often the most overlooked component of a healthy body. Strong is great, strength is good, but all meaningless if wrapped in a cloak of stiffness.

Everything we do should begin on the ground. Not just the soles of our feet, our whole & entire body. Rewind a few years or decades, and that is how we began. Generally speaking, we moved well, we functioned better, our growth was a daily marvel. Once we learned to stand & move on just two feet, everything else went out the window. All the rolling, all the crawling, all the sitting, standing & falling . . . these are all the movements that prepared us for the most phenomenal growth periods of our entire lives.

How many aches & pains to we accumulate & suffer as we age? Probably a lot more than we should. Most often, these pangs that ail us are because of a loss of mobility. If we want to age well, if we want to nail the big lifts or learn the impressive movements, mobility is key.

It doesn’t have to be anything structured or complicated, just lay down on the ground. Now get up. Try that again without your hands. Roll back & forth and side to side while on the ground. Tuck your knees up to your chest, kick them up overhead, or out like a jump. Roll over, try to lift as much of your body as possible just by pushing away from the ground horizontally, maybe even with a little taste of the vertical plane. Plant your feet and roll your ankles one direction then the other. There aren’t any rules down here, just keep moving, and exploring what it feels like to move without any particular place to go or be.

You can do this for a minute, or you can hang out for as many as you need, just keep moving and getting a sense of how all those seemingly random body parts actually fit together into one solid vehicle of strength & power. Take all the time you need, life is just here to serve you . . . don’t let anyone tell you different.

Work on mobility daily. Fit it in to your pre-workout warm-up routine. Cool down afterwards with it. Our workouts & fitness endeavors aren’t just about muscle, we need strong joints, strong ligaments, strong bones, strong proprioceptors and an innate sense of body & movement awareness. We need mobility like life needs meaning.

Mobility is only complicated when we don’t have it or overthink it.



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