Single Exercise Workout Template

The joy of this template is that it can be used with any exercise, and any rep scheme. I chose the single-hand Kettlebell Swing as our example because 1) almost everything we do with Kettlebells builds off the Swing, making it simple & easy template to demonstrate, 2) once the movement is engrained, large numbers of 10-rep-sets are challenging enough to practice without compromising form.

The Template
5 Alternating sets of:

  • 10R/10L Swings @ 16kg
  • 10R/10L Swings @ 24kg

The totals work out to 100 single-arm Swings at each weight, or 200 single-arm Swings total.

The Joy of Simplicity
Not every workout needs to be a burner, but most workouts should offer a challenge. Doing an entire workout with just a single exercise is certainly a challenge for the mind. After a few sets, most of us start looking for little variety tweaks to spice up our lives. The goal is to stick with simplicity and practice the movement for an increased duration. As with anything, the first few sets will feel strong & solid, and likewise will the last couple, but the sets in the middle are where we need to practice quieting our mind and focusing our efforts on the task at hand.

Varying the Template
Let’s say we want to stick with single-arm Swings. The weights in the example are pretty light and relatively close together. Depending on where we are & where we want to be, we can adjust the weights to 32kg & 40kg, or even make the jump bigger, say, 24kg & 48kg.

Also, this Template can be followed timed or untimed. As written, there is no time associated. We could do EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute), our lighter sets on the minute with our heavier sets on the minute-and-a-half, or the entire cycle for time. The template is as versatile as our imaginations allow.

Having the template opens us up to a world of possibilities, a world where the primary focus is on developing our mechanics of the exercise of our choosing. The model is loosely based on the concept of German Volume Training, and can be used for strength or endurance gains, depending on need & execution.

Additionally, any exercise movement will work. Our example focused on Kettlebells since they are the foundation for more advanced Kettlebell movements and contribute to learning other lifts involving heavier weights.

Stay focused & keep moving,


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