Results Wrought of Consistency

“A workout is not something to grab and drag like a rag doll or go through like a turnstile or endure like the passing of a kidney stone. It’s another once-in-a-lifetime experience to be strong, grow, learn and become. Think, focus and don’t look away. Be here now.” ~Dave Draper

Slam a medicine ball down a handful of times, follow each rep with a modified burpee, then finish off with a handful of Kettlebell Snatches with each arm. Repeat for five sets.

Even as I watch the video, I admit that I am a little baffled. Depending on who you ask, we can usually identify between 5 & 7 human movements: Push/Pull/Hinge/Squat/Loaded Carry/Rotation/Counter-rotation . . . Which movement category does slamming the ball from overhead fit into? One could say that we are pushing it down with our arms, or that we are doing some sort of reverse pull, but it also involves a half-contracted-hinge . . . baffled I remain.

We set out with plans for our workouts, we want them to fit in tidy & neat packages, something we can take home to Mom or show off to our friends. But every once in a while we get something that defies explanation, but feels good . . . so without much ado, we just go with it. As long as it keeps us moving, yeah?

The heavy Snatch is clearly a hinge, maybe even a slight counter-rotation, but not too much . . . which I’m hoping is a question on Jeopardy some day, but it wasn’t today. Still, teaming it up with the overhead slam & burpee made for a nice combination. The Snatches beat you down, the slams build you up, and the burpees, well, no one likes burpees, we just do them.

Do the workouts that feel right, the ones that give more than they take. Heavy breathing, sweating & cursing under your breath all have their place, but if we don’t enjoy some aspect of the workout, why bother? Maybe it’s how it makes you feel right now . . . maybe it’s how it leaves you feeling immediately afterwards . . . maybe you accept that results are wrought of consistency. Whatever keeps you coming back to the iron & the movements, pursue that.

Today only happens once, make the most of it.


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