Navy Hours

Dear September in Georgia, it was frightfully chilly at 0445, during my morning PT. So much so that I even had to wear a jacket . . . just wanted to say thank you for that! Maybe it was me, maybe it was opting to generate more wind by riding my bike than going for a run. Whatever it was, it felt GREAT!

A guy at work always asks me if I “hit it” this morning, and by “hit it,” he always means “got a workout in.” Of course, I tell him, and I’ll probably “hit it again” throughout the day, but nothing beats that early morning peacefulness of being out in the world with owls & tigers . . . well, I never saw the tiger, but it is a cool story, even if it ended sadly.

This same friend accuses me of keeping “Navy Hours.” 0445 is when we used to do our PT, or Physical Training. Back then, it never seemed like a good idea . . . then again, staying out drinking all night did . . . but these days, getting out of bed at 0430 while everyone else sleeps is pretty awesome. Makes me feel as though I’m not quite as old as the calendar insists.

Additionally, by choosing what time I get up, and how I spend that extra time, I take control of my day rather than let the day control me. Even if the rest of the day goes downhill (as it likes to do), I still managed to salvage a piece of it for myself, and there’s no better feeling than starting your day by moving strong & moving well.

After my warm-up & bike ride, I practiced for my RKC Snatch Test that is part of my RKC Certification in January. Today was the first time I added technical Kettlebell work into my morning sweat session, so I went light, as in 12kg light. The emphasis wasn’t supposed to be on the weight, the focus was adding more time under the bell and getting accustomed to the needed cadence for 100 Snatches in 5 minutes. Besides, a brisk bike ride through my hilly neighborhood is nice, but nothing quite jolts you awake like Snatching a Kettlebell for 100 uninterrupted reps while most of the western hemisphere hits snooze.

No matter what you hit, hit & hard & keep moving.

Semper Fortis & Always Strong!


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