Be the Light

The pre-dawn sky is poorly lit, dark even. It doesn’t want to be, but that’s just the way it is. That sky looks around, maybe it sees you stirring or moving. “Hey, bub, got a light?” Go ahead, say it with me, I am the light.

Maybe it isn’t the sky, maybe it’s the person next to you, down the street, or halfway around the world. We all have these situations that seem forced or impossible, but we always have two options– spread darkness or be the light. You know what I’m saying, you’ve seen the news, it’s rough out there. In many cases it is, but in just as many instances, you can look at the news & point at your head and say, You’re not welcome here. It isn’t being selfish or cold-hearted, it’s an acknowledgement that we can all use more light than darkness.

Light & dark aren’t absolutes. There is a scale separating the two, and at any moment we are somewhere along that scale. Wherever you find yourself, ask if it would hurt any more to move an inch or increment towards more light. Odds are, it probably doesn’t. Chances are, whatever light you can bring to the world is needed & appreciated more than you can & will ever know.

Be light. Read that as a verb. Stars & suns might be static things reaching out to us through the night sky, but we are dynamic creatures, living, breathing, always strong & anchored in movement. Create movement through action, be light through being. Darkness is where energy wanes, light is where energy shines, literally.

Semper Fortis


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