Portion Control = Self Success

Plates are getting bigger, the amount of food we can stick on them is growing massive . . . remember when we couldn’t get up from the table until we “cleaned our plates”? Now that habit is ingrained. There are starving kids elsewhere, and we should show our gratitude for the bountiful food we do have by not letting it go to waste.

Surprise, it does go to waste. Maybe not in the garbage can, but our bodies simply can’t process & digest all the food we intake, especially when a large portion of our portions is junk.

I get it, lifting weights over your head is the easy part. It’s even easier to get up at 0430 and run in the rain while wearing a loaded weight vest than it is to care about what we eat. I recently heard it mentioned that given the choice between a long & productive life and another slice of chocolate cake, most people will go for the cake. True enough, fair enough . . . in my case anyway. The exercise is the fun part, watching & caring about how we fuel our bodies is the scary, daunting & seemingly impossible part.

The changes don’t have to be drastic. If you stick with an attitude & action towards change, over time, your results will be drastic, but for today & tomorrow and even this weekend, let’s start with something easy:

Portion Control 

(^^^ That is a link to the Portion Size Plate on WebMD . . . they might not always have the best information, but in this case, they offer a pretty good place to start.)

Most of us already know what the good foods to eat are. Meat rocks my world, I can always stand more vegetables, nuts & seeds get me along and usually taste pretty good, and sugar is almost never a good thing in any form, under any guise.

Just like you wouldn’t jump of the couch after a year of blatant sedentariness and try to pull a 500lb Deadlift, don’t feel like you have to rush all at once into a strict & immobile way of eating to make healthy improvements. Start small and start where you are, just make sure you START and stay in it for the long haul. Also, don’t let deviations, sidesteps or minor setbacks derail you . . . just recognize the issue and get back on course as quickly as possible.

Strength is so much more than just the weights we can lift . . . Strength is faith that what you’re doing will take you where you need to go.

Semper Fortis & Always Strong!



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