Sandbag Beach WOD 092517

I’ve been wanting a sandbag to workout with for a while now, and that want seems to get more intense around beach time . . . sand, sandbag . . . I’m really a simple guy.

If you’re in or around Atlanta, or within driving distance, Lynx Barbell is the BEST place for sandbags, price AND quality. (No, they don’t pay me, but I DO get nearly all my gear there.) And, to plug another someone else, I was motivated to finally break down and buy one after listening to the Coach Fury Podcast, another high recommendation of mine.

Anyway, the workout, in its most simplistic (but not easy) form . . .

3 Rounds of:

  • 10 Over the shoulder flips (5 each side)
  • 100 yard shoulder carry out (right) 
  • 10 Over the shoulder Squats (5 each side) 
  • 100 yard shoulder carry back (left)


  • 3 rounds of Sandbag Burpee Cleans, 5 per round

Semper Fortis & Anchored in Movement,


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