Fran on the Beach 092617

Imagine you’re on a beach and you’re itching to do Fran . . . not sure how this became an itch, but it could happen, and did. There wasn’t a pull-up bar, and I didn’t have a 95lb bar for Thrusters . . . hmmmm, what to do, what to do?

Luckily, I had a sandbag . . . and miles of undisturbed sand. There were some bystanders at the shoreline, but they were looking the other way, and all followed the same footprinted path to get there . . . so I could suffer through 6 minutes & change without someone asking me why the hell I was doing that. The question often comes up, and I never really have an answer. These things are things we do, or don’t, I’m not sure if “Why” matters to those who don’t.

Anyway, my son & I took the bladders out of the sandbag, maybe 30-ish pounds a piece, and ran relays with them. Carry one down 25 yards, drop it, do 10 Air Squats, sprint back to repeat twice more. Our times were good, the warm-up was good. Now, for Fran on the Beach:

  • 21/15/9- Sandbag Thrusters/Push-ups 

The cool, (and by ‘cool’ I mean frustrating) thing about Squat Cleaning the Sandbag is that if you don’t get under it fast enough, or if you line up too far back, you’ll likely fall on your butt. Well, that’s according to a friend, anyway . . . <wink, wink> Definitely a good practice for getting under the bar.

Give it a shot, let me know how it goes!

Don’t forget, the CraseFit Kettlebell Workshop, hosted by Barbella’s is tonight . . . don’t miss out!

Semper Fortis & Anchored in Movement,



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