About Lee

Lee Crase is a Kettlebell & Mobility Trainer based out of Kennesaw, GA. His method is to Move Well and Move with Strength, which is a balanced blend of Yoga & Kettlebell techniques.

During his time in the Navy, Lee studied & practiced Muay Thai, JKD Concepts, and Filipino Martial Arts under Frank Cucci. Since then he has focused his practice on Mobility & Strength development systems. He has studied under Delaine Ross in StrongFirst Kettlebell Fundamentals, Girevoy Sport with Georgia Kettlebell Sport, and attained his Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (Dragon Door) from Beth Andrews, Senior RKC. He also trains in CrossFit at Strongside.

Lee’s method of Mobility & Strength is known as CraseFit, and he writes articles about Physical Culture & Practice for his website. He is also the founder/owner of the Uptown Kettlebell Club, which offers free Kettlebell & Mobility training in or around Kennesaw, GA.

Most of his training is outdoors, sometimes along the riverbanks of the Chattahoochee, on top of Kennesaw Mountain, or at any of the many public parks in & around Atlanta. If you would like to learn more about training with Lee, please send him an e-mail at crasefit@gmail.com