Big Fat Bar and a Kettlebell

Rushing out the door on break, it’s challenging to know how much of a workout we can get. We need to keep our muscles moving & our blood flowing, and a few rays of the sun’s very own Vitamin D might be just the thing we need. The temptation to skip eating altogether is all too real, but not a very good idea. These muscles, this blood, this skin needs nutrients.

A couple of portable tuna pouches later we find a park with a big fat pull-up bar. Parks like these are more common than one might suppose, you just have to be willing to look & explore. My find is a real beauty off of Pharr Rd in Buckhead, less than 3 minutes from where the day’s work is happening. Frankie Allen Park . . . funny name, nice space and fat pull-up bars.

Anyway, we’re here for the workout, so let’s get on it so we can get back to it.

3 rounds: 

  • 1 SLDL each leg
  • 5 Swing/Snatch Duets (R/L) 
    • The Duet is 1 Swing, 1 Snatch = 1 rep 
  • 2 Bar Hangs :30 seconds apiece 
    • Rest 30 seconds between each hang

It is a fast workout, and you find that the hangs really tax your grip for the next round of Swing/Snatch Duets. Some might be tempted to increase the reps, but there really isn’t a need. Stick with the plan and let the plan work for you.

A regular pull-up bar will work, but the fat one is a cool find, and a different way to attack & develop forearm strength needed for high-rep Snatch & Swing sessions to follow. Work with what you have.

Semper Fortis & Anchored in Movement


092917 Squats, Swings & Push-up Things

Another day, another Beach WOD . . . I sure would like to get better used to this! But, I’ll take all the advantage I can . . .

This is a variation on the 6 Minute Squat Challenge, and strings together my favorite movements to put into a WOD . . . namely, Squats, Swings & Push-ups. These three movements make a great template, which you can alter & variate according to your needs & goals.

092917 Beach WOD

4 Rounds of: 

  • 10 Swings
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 4 Goblet Squats

Set a workout timer (I use the Kettlebell Swing Timer App on my iPhone) for 1 minute of work and 2 minutes of rest . . . you won’t really be resting for 2 minutes, but setting it this way is the easiest way to keep track.

When the timer starts, do 10 Swings . . . rest until the :30 second mark and do 10 push-ups. When you get to the “2 minute rest” you will grab your Kettlebell, drop into the bottom of the Goblet Squat & hold for 30 seconds, then stand & re-squat. This will bring us to 4 Squats in 2 minutes. Then, repeat the Swings & Push-ups.

Depending on what weight Kettlebell you use, this probably isn’t a burner, but it is good practice for all the movements, and the timer gives you better accountability to yourself.

Give it a go & let me know!

Semper Fortis & Anchored in Movement

6 Minute Squat Challenge

The Goblet Squat is one of the two best movements we can do to enhance, enrich & expand our quality of life . . . grab a Kettlebell by the horns, pull it up to chest level & Squat low enough to where your ass meets grass. If you’re wondering how this movement improves your QoL, think about getting up & down off the toilet by yourself . . . now imagine having to call someone each time you have to go . . . it’s the seemingly little things we do now that have the greatest impact later. Catastrophe aside, we can actively improve our Quality of Life with a few very simple movements. The Goblet Squat is right up there in the top 3.

Dan John has a new book out, The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge. Since the Goblet Squat is already a hot & trending topic, there’s a nice test to try, and as you’ve probably guessed, it’s called the 6 Minute Squat Challenge. Follow the same protocols for the Goblet Squat, but drop into the bottom of a Squat & hold for 30 seconds. At the 30 second mark, stand and pull yourself back into the Squat for 30 more seconds. Guys grab a 24kg, Ladies grab a 12kg or 16kg . . . go ahead, give it a go.

You’ll feel this all over. My pinkie finger is still quivering, but seems to be calming down somewhat. It’s all good, it was definitely worth the effort. 12 Squats? Simple enough. Not easy, but certainly simple.

Seriously, give it a try. Let me know what you think, how you feel.

If you need help or want assistance learning the Goblet Squat, or how to incorporate Kettlebells into your training, there’s probably an HKC Instructor near you . . . send him a message, or give him a call!

Semper Fortis & Anchored in Movement